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City Select is better for twins - higher weight limit than Britax B-Ready

City Select versus Britax B-Ready

With three kids under four, including twins, I've had my fair share of double strollers. The Baby Jogger City Select and the Britax B -Ready look very similar, but they're not when used in doubles mode. Which stroller is better really depends on the age of your kids. For twins or children close in weight, I found the City Select has more advantages, but if you have different age kids, the Britax is worth a look.

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Some considerations:

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* The City Select stroller was Baby Gizmo's top tandem stroller in 2010 -- the 2011 model has been redesigned with deeper and firmer seats, improving an already excellent stroller.

* Of the two, the City Select is a better stroller for twins because of the 45 lb. weight allowance for each of its full-size seats (child's weight and baggage, for a maximum of 90 lbs overall), foot wells that expand to 10.5 inches and large canopies that raise up to 24", allowing you to use it all the way up till your children are age 4 or 5. The Britax only has one full size seat as the second seat has a lower weight capacity than the main seat.

* The Britax B-Ready is a good option if you have two kids of different ages (1 & 3 for example) given the different weight limits on its seats. If you have twins, you'll be limited by the second seat's 35 lbs. weight capacity and a 22" canopy, to about 3 years old - only one child will be able to ride in the stroller past this weight (I still use my City Select with my 4 year old but will be able to use it with both my twins till this age as well).

* Another important consideration is that the telescoping handle on the City Select extends from 39" to 41", whereas the handle on the Britax B-Ready does not (it has a pivot handle that goes up or down but does not extend). This comes in very handy for taller parents, when you raise the canopy on the upper seat (when stadium seating) to give you additional clearance, or when hanging a diaper bag with the seats in the rear-facing position, so the baby is not kicking it.

* The City Select offers more clearance for walking with the second seat in than the Britax, either front or rear facing.

* Both seats recline on the Britax forward facing, but the second seat is not reversible. On the City Select, both seats are reversible, but they recline fully only in the rear-facing position (with lots of leg room). I actually prefer this configurations as twins are people-magnets and when they are facing towards me and napping it's easier for people to stay away.

* You can hang a larger than average diaper bag (like the Lassig Messenger Eco-Friendly Diaper Bag) from the handle with two seats in the City Select. (Note: the stroller handle says not to but because of the weight distribution I haven't had any problems).

* The City Select allows for 16 configurations including two carrycots (Britax has 14)

* The Britax B-Ready has a more compact footprint than the City Select, a plus if you don't mind the handle that doesn't extend or are not a tall parent.

* For the City Select - handling curbs can be challenging going forward but if you pull the stroller backwards upor down the curb, it's actually easier than most strollers because of the large back wheels. It hasn't been an issue for me.

Some similarities between the two strollers:

* Similar width at 26"

* Huge storage basket in both.

* Tires that handle all surfaces well, indoors and out. It's worth mentioning that neither stroller is meant for jogging.

* The City Select with the second seat weighs 33 lbs., similar to Britax's 36 lb weight, less than iCandy's hefty 44 lbs.

* Both have the same recline mechanism on the seats.

* Easy fold for both. With the Britax, you can leave both seats in and fold quickly. With the City Select, both seats need to be in stadium seating, fully upright with the foot wells folded down as far back as they will go (not horizontal), and then you can fold it with both seats. Honestly, it's a lot easier and faster to just pop off the seats and fold the frame (plus it fits in most cars because it's very compact, with the frames and seats folding flat separately).

* For the City Select, the "Baby Jogger City Select Second Seat Attachment Brackets" are sold separately if needed on mystrollers dot com. You do not have to buy the whole second seat as some older reviews state.

* Neither stroller's seats are appropiate for babies 0-6 months (even if the seats recline fully, they're in a "V" shape as the whole seat tilts). You can get optional car seat adaptors but if you live in a city, you may find that a single snap-n-go/ infant seat with an Ergo carrier for the 2nd baby (w insert #2 for babies 0-4 months) is the easiest way to get around for the first year. A double snap n go is even better and less expensive, and will allow you to use infant car seats so they can nap on outings. Another option is the Maclaren Triumph which folds compactly @ 22 lbs, reclines fully and can be used from birth up, if you want to have a stroller for travel for later on.

Lastly, I also have Maclaren double strollers (Triumph & Techno) and the Bob Duallie. If you're looking for other alternatives, they're all good, but of all of these, I find the City Select is the easiest and most versatile to use with twins or a preschooler & baby (see my profile for a full review with pros and cons). If you're looking for getting one all-purpose stroller, regardless of whether you have kids close in age or not, it would be my pick. I only wish I had known about it before buying the other double strollers.


UPDATE 1/07/13: This review was first posted in June 2011. At 2.5, my twins are now 38" & 32 lbs, and my six year old, 48" & 40 lbs. The City Select is still going strong, day after day of heavy use, for shopping, trips to the park, the grocery store, almost anywhere really. I'm so glad I went with this stroller as they would have almost outgrown the Britax at this point, when used as a double.

Britax B-Ready- A few Issues, Overall a great stroller

First I'll outline the negatives about the stroller (and this is of course my opinion):

1. It's bulky/heavy. If you plan to be pushing it up hills, you'll get quite a workout. I didn't mind it too much as I'm using it as a double stroller, and most doubles are going to be heavy with both kids in their seats.

2. It was a little more difficult to fold/unfold than I had hoped. It gets easier with practice, but they definitely make it look a little too easy in the demonstration video.

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3. When folded up with the second seat attached, when you fold it up, the second seat's canopy drags on the ground, so you have to make sure to watch that so it doesn't get dirty.
4. I wish the canopy was adjustable, but this is a minor complaint.

5. With the car seat attached underneath, if you're a taller parent you are probably going to kick it. I'm 5'5" and had absolutely no issues kicking it with any of the configurations, but I'd imagine if you were 5'8" or taller you could have some issues. Also, the handle does not telescope outward at all. This would obviously help accommodate taller parents, but I think adding too much length to the handle could cause some instability. Maybe they'll find a way to make it work in the future.

6. The cup holder is crap. Barely holds any weight without dipping or looking like it's going to fall off.

7. It's pretty wide, but of course it's much more narrow than side by side doubles. If you're looking for a single stroller and never want more kids, this one's probably not the way to go. But if you have two kids, the width is necessary for stability.

8. If you buy the silver B-Ready and silver Chaperone car seat, the two silvers do not exactly match. However I didn't notice this until another reviewer pointed it out. If it really bothers you, order another color.

Now for the positives:

1. Fourteen different configurations. There really is something for everyone here. If you have a newborn and a two-year-old (like me), if you have two two-year-olds, two newborns, a five-year-old and a one-year-old, etc. It all works, and it works very well. I was a little disappointed that with this double decker style, the two children can't face each other, I've seen strollers that use a facing configuration, and it just doesn't work.

2. If one of your children is old enough, he/she can climb into the bottom seat without the stroller falling over (as long as the break is locked). It's very steady.
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Phil Teds or Britax B-Ready Stroller?

Phil Teds and Britax B-Ready which one to get?

Britax-B Ready is wider than Phil Teds, it is also longer. The Britax B-Ready might not fit in some car trunks as neatly as the Phil and Teds.

Some say that the Britax B-Ready is heavier than Phil Teds.


Most parents prefer Britax B-Ready over Phil Teds

BritaxB-Ready has more options - 14 configurations
Britax B-Ready lets you place 2 kids face to face.
Some Phil Teds had a recall for some minor issues with hinges, you can order the recall kit from Phil Teds if you own one.

Britax B-Ready is solid, has had no recalls while B-Agile did have a recall.

Conclusion Which do you Prefer Phil Teds or Britax B-Ready Stroller?

We recommend Britax B-Ready over Phil Teds.

Britax B-Agile, B-Agile Double and BOB Motion strollers Recalled

Strollers Recalled by Britax Due to Partial Fingertip Amputation Hazard 


The hinge on the stroller’s folding mechanism can partially amputate consumers’ fingertips, break their fingers or cause severe lacerations, among other injuries, when they press the release button while pulling on the release strap.
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Consumers should stop using the recalled strollers immediately and contact Britax to receive a free repair kit

 Consumer Contact:

Britax; toll-free at (866) 204-1665 from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday, visit the company’s websites at  or and click on “Safety Notice” at the top right corner or on “Learn More” at the bottom center of the page, or e-mail for more information.

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Britax B Ready Deals - Britax B-REady Customer Review

When I deliver in August, we will have two children under the age of 15 months. After researching MANY of the double strollers out there, we decided to purchase this one, and we are very glad that we did!

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Honestly, we decided to go with this stroller ultimately because of the incentive they were offering (the free infant car seat!), but we couldn't be happier with our purchase.

We were looking for a stroller that would be both a single stroller for our son now (and then for our daughter once our son no longer needs to ride in a stroller), and easily convert to a double stroller. We wanted something that was not bulky, could easily fit through doorways and aisles, was easy to fit in the back of a vehicle when folded, and was easy to push. We also wanted to purchase something of high quality that would last throughout their entire stroller "career". This stroller is all that and more.

We have watched the video posted on here, which I would suggest doing. It is very helpful!

Our only complaints:
*Opening the stroller once folded and locked has been kind of tricky--it's not exactly a one handed activity.

*In a perfect world, this stroller would come with an extendable handle for taller parents, or for those whose shins hit the infant car seat when in the secondary position facing the parent.

*Having the option of a tray that goes in front of the child would be nice, but not having that does not, in any way, diminish the quality of the stroller. Again, it is just a "wish list" item.

I would, and have, recommended this stroller to friends and family. We are more than happy with our purchase!

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Britax B-Ready Stroller Reviews

Britax B-Ready Stroller Reviews

Britax B-Ready Stroller Grows with your Child and is Cheaper in the Long Run

Britax B Ready is a new stroller which is a luxury stroller. The Britax B Stroller has 14 configurations and you can switch between single seat, double seat (two seats) and two infant seats. As your child grows, it accommodates.
Some people look for cheaper strollers but they forget that as their child grows they need a stroller which will accommodate their growth, needs and requirements.
We can buy another stroller later (it will be costly), it is better to go in for a stroller like Britax B Ready which will be easy to reconfigure as your child grows.
Parents with twins like the additional seat and you can use it for tow kids with ease.

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Single stroller is roomy and can fit one year olds, three year olds and five year olds. It can carry upto 55 pounds and parents found that even five year olds could sit in it comfortably. The belly pack is attached to the seat and wont fall off when you take your child in and out.

The Britax B Ready has a safety buckle which even 3 year olds cant get off. The unique feature of Britax B Ready is the head pad, which keeps the child comfortable. You wont find this with other strollers.

Use the zipper at tha back of the harness to adjust the head pad which will slide up and down as needed.
Britax B-Ready has a foot rest with 4 positions. Swing way bumper bar.

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You need to buy a cup holder additionally. Seat is reversible and can be swung around and you can swing baby around so he can watch you. It also has a window with a flap, you can peak in on baby without disturbing him or her.

Handle is adjustable, goes down and up and has gripper. Good for tall or short parents.

There is a lovely basket at the bottom which makes it easy to store and access things.